-Pine Brook New Jersey.

Super Bowl Champion and TA Client, Chris Hogan is bumpin’ with Bose in the wake of his stellar playoff performance vs. the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game.

“Its cool to have a partnership with a company you have been using and loved since you were a kid,” said Hogan, New England Patriots Wide Receiver. “I am honored to be part of the Bose family and I would like to thank them for this incredible opportunity.” Hogan is a loyal fan of the brand and is ecstatic to be endorsing it.

#TeamBose thanked Chris for his support of the #LetsHearIt campaign which throughout the Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 gameweek. Fans could share their videos cheering on their favorite team using the hashtag and tagging the company on twitter for a chance to be featured on the Jumbotron.

Bose has been a top of the line manufacturer of premium headphones and speakers as well as a proud supporter of the NFL for over 50 years. Hogan is amongst a plethora of other NFL athletes such as Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley, Larry Fitzgerald, JJ Watt and more to be a part of #TeamBose. According to Bose.com, “their attention to detail and obsession with performance inspire us to put the same into our products. And it’s why they rely on our products to do what they do.”
By using the hashtag, #TeamBose, players and fans can connect on all social media platforms. Hogan will be using it in the off-season to show off how Bose motivates him. Stay tuned with the tunes and get bumpin’ with Bose just like @Chris_Hogan15