It’s not all the time 6’4, 300 lb offensive linemen insist on using a “Hot Air Brush” in their daily routine. But Justin Pugh, Giant’s 1st round draft pick in 2013 and now first brand ambassador for Esquire Men’s Grooming does.

“Esquire is an established brand with tons of recognition, given Justin’s growth as a player on and off the field it was a mutually beneficial opportunity to partner with them,” said Maxx Lepselter, Business Development Manager. “Justin thoroughly enjoys using their products and we hope to continue this successful partnership.”

Pugh is an avid user of the various products Esquire Men’s grooming has to offer. From sprays to shapers to gels to brushes and more, the products were designed for men and do not disappoint. They are upscale with a masculine twist, and perfect for an urban living gent like Pugh.

“My favorite Esquire Men’s Grooming Product has to be the thickening it has a good hold, its what I use everyday,” said Pugh. “It has a good shine to it and keeps me fresh throughout the day. I’m out, I’m a big guy. I sweat sometimes, it’s definitely my go to.”

Pugh is adamant about maintaining a rugged yet groomed appearance. Esquire men’s grooming products are available at retailers across the nation such as Macy’s and JC Penny. To find out more visit Esquire Men’s Grooming and keep an eye out for Justin Pugh’s exclusive interview (and finally figure out how he perfects that facial hair!)