With 8:45 left in the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New England Patriots were on the ropes, down ten points. For three quarters, the Jacksonville defense had stymied their opponents, bringing hope to Floridians everywhere that their team would reach the league’s apex.

But in typical New England fashion, Tom Brady connected seconds later with Danny Amendola for a touchdown. The momentum now in the Patriots’ favor, everyone already knew how this game would end. And they were right. The final score? 24-20, and another W for Belichick’s crew.

As the clock struck triple zero, Chris Hogan was on his way to his second straight Super Bowl. Sporting a AFC Champions shirt and hat, Hogan found his wife and wrapped her up in an embrace. Once a forgotten man without a team, Hogan had now epitomized the Cinderella story for a second consecutive year, a force that defenders hate and fantasy football gamers love.

Hogan hasn’t let the fact that he went undrafted affect him. No matter what people may have perceived about Hogan coming out of college, he knew that all he needed was someone to open the door. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo said it best about Hogan:

“He’s just an all-around athlete,” Garafolo said. “And he’s not a lacrosse player trying to play football; he’s a football player who took a couple of years off.”

Hogan’s play on the field shows it’s not how you start but how you finish. Now, on February 4th, Hogan looks to bring new meaning to the word, endeavoring to help his team close its season with yet another Lombardi Trophy.

It’s not going to be a cakewalk, as the Eagles’ defense has strangled most opponents into submission, most recently the Minnesota Vikings. Even with their star quarterback Carson Wentz on injured reserve, the Eagles have still found ways to win, leading to a 13-3 record that’s on par with New England. The Eagles have shown that they are the best in the NFC and will require Hogan’s team to play to their peak. In what might be the closest Super Bowl matchup in recent history, it may come down to one man making the difference. Will it be Hogan? He’s never turned down a challenge, and the chance the perform on football’s grandest stage has him fired up once again. Our advice? The Eagles’ DBs should keep their heads on a swivel when it comes to #15.

The dedication and drive that Hogan exemplifies on the field correlates perfectly to Today’s Business and Today’s Athletes. Whether an undrafted football player aspiring for the Super Bowl, or a fledgling brand looking reach its potential, you need to stand out. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest, strongest, or flashiest – at the end of the day, it’s how you produce that catches people’s eyes. That’s what Chris Hogan knew when he came onboard with Today’s Athletes.

Putting your name on something means you understand its value and potential for greatness. To reach greatness, the one constant in life, business and on the field is a need for ROI. If you don’t give as much as you take, don’t bleed for your goals, and are afraid to get dirty, you or your business can fail. Just like Chris, the team of Today’s Business and Today’s Athletes refuses to fail. The way Chris Hogan feels about each yard gained, each touchdown scored, and each win earned parallels how Today’s Business feels about each and every client. No longer are we just making business social; we are comprehensive performance. It’s time to learn what Chris Hogan knows.


And as for Sunday? Go get ‘em Chris. Make our family proud.