SB Nation Radio: Code Green by Rich Wilhelm

SB Nation Radio: Code Green by Rich Wilhelm, Craig Gorbunoff on Apple Podcasts. This podcast features Today’s Athletes’ Patriot Wide Receiver Chris Hogan, as well as our very own [...]

Topps & Thompson

Lyle Thompson is a trailblazer on the lacrosse field as well as off of it. He has recently become the first player to ever have a Trading Card. A member of the first family of Lax, Thompson has [...]

Esquire Acquires New Face

It’s not all the time 6’4, 300 lb offensive linemen insist on using a “Hot Air Brush” in their daily routine. But Justin Pugh, Giant’s 1st round draft pick in 2013 and now first brand ambassador [...]

Hogan’s Gotta Go to Mo’s!

Following the record setting AFC Championship game for Chris Hogan that landed himself and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Hogan sealed the deal with Modell’s Sporting Goods. Today’s Athletes [...]

Five Four & Fifteen

Today’s Athletes is ecstatic to announce that New England Patriots Wide Receiver, Chris Hogan #15 is now an ambassador for a clothing line co-founded by movie mogul and cheeseburger connosaur, [...]

Chris Hogan Signs with Bose

-Pine Brook New Jersey. Super Bowl Champion and TA Client, Chris Hogan is bumpin’ with Bose in the wake of his stellar playoff performance vs. the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. “Its cool [...]